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O • M • A


: an act of coming or bringing together again

Reunion Island, a French region off the coast of Madagascar is the physical location that brings together musicians, Gaël and Romane Marimoutou — the region being the lifeblood for their art, a union and collaboration known as OMA.

The name of the project was born in India while Romane traveled alone. She met a young Indian girl in a temple in Bikaner who could not pronounce the “r” in “Romane”, so defaulted to the word OMA, which translates to “smile” in the young girl’s native language.


 « OMA Enchants with a Distinct Mash-Up of Electronic Pop » – Oakland Magazine

« Gaël et Romane offrent une musique alternative pop-électro toute en finesse » – Le Quotidien de La Réunion

« Le duo Réunionnais propose un cocktail électronic-pop – Reunion La1ere » – FranceTV

« African instrumentation, French pop arrangements, indie pop vocals mixed with African chanting, and a touch of Bollywood performative style merge into one gorgeous track. It will be like nothing else you listen to. » – Refinery29


“Everything makes sense from the moment when Romane arrived, all this journey to end by meeting my soulmate. Together, we dive into discovery, sweetness, joy, music…but love first of all.” 


“I have the impression that with music we can not hide anything. Music, like any other form of art, reflects an aspect of your personality. Music is an extension of the soul. It’s literally your own vibrations that you create and share with your fellows.”